Signum Panel

Signum Panel is designed to replace the popular STN (Super-Twisted Nematic) LCD with the more popular and advanced TFT LCD. STN has become a pricy commodity as worldwide supply dries up. The lead-time and MOQ (Minimum Order Quantity) requirement are edging up. These disadvantages have made STN LCD a less attractive technology choice. However, there are still popular and mature applications. The de facto standard products, 240x64 and 240x128 STN LCD, are still widely adopted in industrial, medical, and commercial applications. The goal of Signum Panel is to be a direct substitute for these STN products.

  • Direct replacement for STN with T6963 interface and command sets
  • Better visual quality with TFT LCD
  • Support 32 combinations of foreground and background colors
  • One SKU for all background and foreground color combinations
  • Support customization of color schemes and font
  • Support extension command set for displaying pictures and playing animation
  • Support internal space for storing up to 100+ color pictures
Signum Panel B2IB202406P Datasheet
Signum Panel B3IB302406P Datasheet
Signum Panel B3SPPL Application Note
Signum Panel B3 PlusIB302412P Datasheet