Hsinchu, Taiwan – Immense Oak Technologies (IOT) announces a new product line, Signum Panel, for addressing the market’s need of migrating from traditional STN LCD to TFT LCD. The initial release of this new product series focuses on replacing 240x64 STN LCD directly.

The 240x64 STN LCD has been adapted in a wide range of applications. Various vendors have come out the LCD module with the same mechanical characteristics; as a result, the 240x64 STN LCD became very popular. However, the supply of STN LCD has decreased as more STN production facilities have been replaced or removed. The lead-time and MOQ (minimum order quantity) has increased significantly. On the other hand, customers are demanding a replacement product that shares the same mechanical and electrical characteristics for minimizing product migration effort. IOT answers these requirements with the introduction of Signum Panel product lines.

“With Signum Panel, IOT is able to address the market requirement for directly replacing 240x64 STN LCD,” said President Anthony Guo. “Customers can easily adopt Signum Panel without any hardware redesign or even software change. We significantly cut the adoption hurdle and bring the value of TFT LCD to our customers.”

In addition to the traditional 240x64 STN LCD features, IOT bring the product value proposition one notch up. With the introduction of the extension command set, advanced users can even display pictures, play animation and change color schemes on our Signum Panel products. “We are not limited by the STN technology anymore,” said CTO Rich Chuang. “We allow users to take advantage of the TFT LCD for its better visual effects. These advanced features echo our commitment of enhancing the communication efficacy between humans and machines.” Signum Panel are available immediately. Please visit our website, www.iot-hmi.com, or contact our sales, [email protected], for product details.

About IOT

Immense Oak Technologies, Inc. is a leading solution provider for high performance Human-Machine Interface. Our solutions facilitate effective and efficient communications between humans and machines and between machines. Headquartered in Hsinchu, Taiwan, IOT thrives to serve our customers globally. Additional information about IOT and IOT’s solutions can be found at our website.

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