Hsinchu, Taiwan – Immense Oak Technologies, Inc. (IOT) and Next Vision Display (NV) are pleased to announce they have entered a strategic partnership, combining IOT leading HMI display integrated technologies with NV world-class competence in LCD and touch solutions across all OEMs key market applications.

This partnership will benefit from the wide distribution network of First Components s.r.l. owning strong sales resources in Europe and state of the art e-commerce platform, to support shipments all over the world.

NV has invited IOT to be a key Partner for the “highly integrated solutions” product line. “IOT’s solutions is one of the most advanced in the overall market scenario of Smart Displays proposed by various vendors”, said Mr. Giuseppe Corti, President and CEO of NV. “We are delighted to have IOT as business partner in our venture. We believe that IOT’s solutions offer a strong value proposition to our customers, and we look forward to a fruitful co-operation with IOT.”

IOT intends to become a global leading supplier for the Human-Machine Interface (HMI). IOT’s solutions not only significantly cut the customer development cycle time, but also deliver HMI with fascinating visual effect. “We’re excited to have NV as our business partner in expanding our global reach,” said Anthony Guo, President of IOT, in combination with FC services. “FC is a premium visual solution marketer and distributor in Europe with a strong e-commerce presence globally. Working with NV new brand initiative can serve more customers that indeed need HMI for their products.”

IOT products and learning material are available on NV’s website (Highly Integrated Solutions - Next Vision Display).

For product inquiry and purchase, please visit FC’s website (https://www.first-components.com/en/iot).

About Next Vision Display

Next Vision Display is specialized in creating unique LCD and touch solutions for OEMs in many different industries. Our color TFT LCD technologies include extreme temperature functionality, sunlight readability, wide viewing angles, wide color gamut, high contrast, and more. We also offer OLED and E-paper solutions besides a wide rand of passive matrix LCD technologies. From concept to production, we offers a total solution approach, meeting the industry’s ever changing demand, and partnering with OEM leading edge companies. Please visit us at https://www.nextvisiondisplay.com/.

About First Components s.r.l.

Since 2003, FC have served our customers around the world providing innovative edge technology components and modules, along with integrated Visual and Wireless system solutions. Application Specific Semiconductors, Interconnect and Sensors complete our product and service offering. FC will distribute IOT’s solutions in Italy and worldwide through its shop on-line, shortening time to market and providing ex-stock samples on going. Our People knowledge, enthusiasm, and experience are polarized around one command philosophy – Customer FIRST® that we pursue in our daily working life. Please visit us at https://www.first-components.com/en/.

About IOT

Immense Oak Technologies, Inc. is a leading solution provider for high performance Human-Machine Interface. Our solutions facilitate effective and efficient communications between humans and machines and between machines. Headquartered in Hsinchu, Taiwan, IOT thrives to serve our customers globally. Additional information about IOT and IOT’s solutions can be found at our website.

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