Hsinchu, Taiwan – Immense Oak Technologies, Inc. (IOT) and DigiWise International Corp. (DigiWise) entered a distribution contract that allows DigiWise to distribute IOT’s products globally.

DigiWise, ever since its inception in 2013, has been focusing on delivering a full range of small and medium sized TFT LCM to the market. Its customers benefit from DigiWise’s high-end product quality and fast and steady delivery time. DigiWise started to develop 10.” To 21.5” LCM with HDMI interface few years ago for addressing the increased market demands for a larger-sized TFT LCM. In observing the market demand for total HMI solutions, DigiWise decided to work with IOT to offer such solutions to their customers globally. Therefore, DigiWise signed the distribution contract with IOT for formally establishing the supplier-distributor relationship.

“We are excited to have DigiWise as our distributor,” said Anthony Guo, President of IOT. “Digiwise not only can supply their LCMs to us for making our products more cost effective, but also can allow us to tap into DigiWise’s vast network of customers. We want our HMI solutions to reach more customers and we believe that in working with DigiWise, we’re on the right track.”

The immediate product line that IOT will deliver along with DigiWise is Raspberry Pi-powered HMI solutions that target at higher resolution, larger size LCM applications. This product line offers superior capabilities in communications and computation.

About DigiWise

DigiWise was founded by a group of investors who are well versed in display and touch panel business. DigiWide employs skilled and experienced people in the field of displays, backlight, touch and integration. The company has a strong R&D based which is combined with sales and marketing people with a proven track record over at least 10 years. Please visit DigiWise International Corporation for more information.

About IOT

Immense Oak Technologies, Inc. is a leading solution provider for high performance Human-Machine Interface. Our solutions facilitate effective and efficient communications between humans and machines and between machines. Headquartered in Hsinchu, Taiwan, IOT thrives to serve our customers globally. Additional information about IOT and IOT’s solutions can be found at website.

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