Hsinchu, Taiwan – Immense Oak Technologies, Inc. (IOT) proudly presented a brand new product line – Magnus Panel.

Magnus Panel is a product line that pairs Raspberry Pi 4 with a larger-sized LCM of higher resolutions. Magnus Panel offers a unique value proposition: an HMI can be easily developed on a Raspberry Pi 4 platform. The HMI application developed in IOT’s Acorn Development Environment (ADE) can be downloaded on-the-fly via a USB port to Raspberry Pi 4 and communicate with other applications via a “virtual COM port”. The other user-developed applications can still function. Magnus Panel offers a convenient for Raspberry Pi users to develop an HMI.

Why Magnus Panel matters: As Raspberry Pi computers become more capable and more popular, users demand an easy way to develop GUI or HMI. Magnus Panel coupled with ADE meets this requirement. Magnus Panel takes advantage of our ADE’s low-code approach, and the versatility provided by Raspberry Pi. Magnus Panel offers a path for fast prototyping and a shorter product development cycle time.

A Developers’ good companion: Magnus Panel allows developers to take advantages of Raspberry Pi’s functionality and connectivity. ADE allows users to develop programs using MicroPython or Blockly (a visual programming language from Google). ADE allows developers to access I/Os and communication interfaces of Raspberry Pi. Other user’s programs can communicate with the HMI developed by ADE via a virtual COM port. Developers can still work on their applications as usual. The goal of Magnus Panel is to offer a quick and easy way to build an HMI on Raspberry Pi with fascinating visual effects and yet without disrupting developers’ current workflow.

Versatility: Magnus Panel leverages Raspberry Pi’s advanced features to support a wide range of applications. For example, Magnus Panel can drive 2 LCMs up to 4K resolution. In addition, Magnus Panel supports on-board Ethernet and WiFi. Through a USB dongle, RS-232, RS-485, CANBus or UART are supported. On the protocol side, Modbus RTU/TCP, OPC UA and MQTT are supported. These supported features lay a solid foundation for Magnus Panel to address a very wide range of industrial applications.

Please visit our technology page Technology - Magnus Panel - Immense Oak Technologies for more details. For offerings, please visit Product - Magnus Panel - Immense Oak Technologies. Customized LCMs are available upon request. Please contact our local distributors or [email protected] for product inquiry.

IOT is fully committed to bring more HMI solutions to the market. Magnus Panel is our latest offering to the market. IOT will continue its effort to offer HMI solutions for the growing needs of customers. Please visit our website at www.iot-hmi.com or contact our local distributors for more IOT’s product information

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