December 2022, Taichung and Hsinchu, Taiwan – United Radiant Technology Corp. (URT) and Immense Oak Technologies, Inc. (IOT) have signed a strategic partnership agreement effective immediately.

URT’s core value, “Not only displays, it’s about solutions”, is the goal of this partnership. URT is a premier LCD and Touch solution provider/manufacturer. URT intends to broaden its solution offerings by partnering with IOT. Together with IOT, URT can offer HMI solutions and customization services to its customers.

URT with its well-structured sales network and efficient supply chain, has been offering display/LCM solutions to its customer for more than 30 years. Now, by partnering with IOT, URT is able to offer total system solutions for HMI. URT’s customers will benefit significantly from this partnership as URT will become the one-stop shop for customer’s HMI needs. The HMI solutions that URT will offer support various communication and control interfaces that can address a wide range of applications. In addition, these solutions take advantage of the current URT LCMs to provide unparalleled visual effects.

On the other hand, IOT can take advantage of the extended LCM portfolio of URT to offer more HMI products to its customers. IOT can tap into the LCM customization expertise of URT to provide more LCM options to its customers.

This partnership is mutually benefit to both URT and IOT. Both companies anticipate more product and service offerings to their customers. The partnership takes effect immediately.

About URT

Founded in 1990, URT is a leading professional LCD and Touch solution provider/manufacturer based in Taichung Taiwan. URT has 4 plants in Taiwan, one office in Denmark, and more than 20 distributors worldwide. URT has competent R&D and technical support teams for building customer’s idea into reality. Please visit United Radiant Technology Corp. for URT’s products and solutions.

About IOT

Immense Oak Technologies, Inc. is a leading solution provider for high performance Human-Machine Interface. Our solutions facilitate effective and efficient communications between humans and machines and between machines. Headquartered in Hsinchu, Taiwan, IOT thrives to serve our customers globally. Additional information about IOT and IOT’s solutions can be found at website.

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