Hsinchu, Taiwan – Immense Oak Technologies, Inc. (IOT) announced a brand new product line – Nexus Panel for addressing HMI applications that require extensive connectivity and I/O control.

Customers need connected HMIs! Industrial control applications require Ethernet or RS-485 for connecting PLCs. Commercial equipment applications require Wi-Fi or Ethernet for reporting daily sales statics to the cloud. Automotive applications require CAN Bus. Nexus Panel is designed to meet these application requirements.

The most innovative feature of Nexus Panel is fast customization for communication needs. Nexus Panel supports combinations of RS-485, Ethernet, CAN Bus, and Wi-Fi. The location and orientation of the physical connectors can be customized. Other interfaces such as RS-232, BT or NB-IoT can be included per customer’s request.

I/O control enables Nexus Panel to offer versatile functionalities. GPIO, PWM, and ADC are supported, and these functions are set in ADE (Acorn Development Environment) without programming at all. UART with default protocols is provided. Nexus Panel’s I/O functionality allows users to design HMI that can address a wider range of applications.

ADE is the ONLY development tool required to design, simulate, and deploy HMI projects running on Nexus Panel. Control and communication can be implemented in ADE. No third party tool such as driver, loader, compiler is ever needed once ADE is adopted. ADE offers no-code/low-code design process that significantly shortens the development cycle times.

For more information, please visit Nexus Panel’s product page. IOT intends to offer 7.0”, 10.1” and 5.0” solutions of Nexus Panel. Please contact our local distributors or [email protected] for product enquiries.

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