Hsinchu, Taiwan – Immense Oak Technologies, Inc. (IOT) announces Acorn Development Environment (ADE), a versatile, powerful and yet easy-to-learn, easy-to-use Human-Machine-Interface (HMI) development platform.

HMI is ubiquitous. As the LCD panels become more affordable, HMI migrates from traditional mechanical elements to icon/widgets displayed on LCD panels. This technology migration makes the HMI more intuitive and informative; however, this transition creates an adoption barrier: designing graphic contents and make them function for the HMI. The traditional approach is to write codes to draw the graphic contents, to make the contents function and to establish the control flow. The entire HMI design process not only takes longer time but also calls for a group of sophisticated and advanced developers such as artistic designers, widget programmers, and control-flow programmers. As a result, adopting LCD HMI becomes a daunting task for many system developers. IOT intends to offer a relief by offering ADE. IOT developed ADE to make HMI graphic content design as simple as drawing slides on PowerPoint.

ADE is a low-code/no-code development environment. ADE offers widget drag-and-drop design approach with extensive sets of widgets. With few clicks for setting the parameters, the widgets can perform the designated task. A visual programming interface, Blockly, is integrated for setting sophisticated behaviors or control flows. Once HMI design is completed in ADE, the design can be verified with ADE’s built-in simulator for quick system-level verification. Then the design is downloaded to IOT’s Ubique Panel products without any 3rd party tool, compiler or loader. ADE is the only tool you ever need from design to deployment.

In shorts, ADE offers these unique features:

  • Versatile widget libraries for addressing various applications
  • Offer a What-You-See-Is-What-You-Get (WYSIWYG) development environment
  • Downloadable widget libraries and templates for more HMI applications (patent pending)
  • Integrated graphical programming interface for flow control design (patent pending)
  • Fast I/O Configuration without writing any code (patent pending)
  • Built-in stimulus generator and simulator for rapid system verification (patent pending)
  • Generating HTML with hyperlinks, OpenOffice or PDF documentation based on the HMI design (patent pending)
  • No third-party hardware, driver, compiler or loader is needed

“With the arrival of our ADE, we envision that a growing customer-base seeking to adopt LCD as ADE can cut the development time, costs and risks,” said Anthony Guo, President of Immense Oak Technologies, Inc. “ADE offers a platform for communicating with all the stakeholders throughout the entire HMI development cycle from idea to production, from design to deployment.”

ADE is available immediately and is a free software platform. You can download it by visiting our website, www.iot-hmi.com/download/ade/ . Customers can start to design their HMI with ADE without even purchasing our hardware. Designs from ADE must be downloaded into one of our Ubique Panel Products to complete the HMI development. You can purchase the Ubique Panel by visiting our website or contact our sales, [email protected]. Please visit our website, www.iot-hmi.com for product details.

IOT is in the process of expanding global reach. We welcome interested distributors or sales representatives to team up with us. We offer exciting products that will expand customer base and grow our partners’ business. More products and features will come. Please contact us at [email protected].

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