Hsinchu, Taiwan – Immense Oak Technologies, Inc. (IOT) released a new version of Acorn Development Environment (ADE). This release version is 3.4.0. This major release offers the following new features:

Support Magnus Panel: IOT expands the HMI solution to Raspberry Pi 4-based SBC. This ADE release completes Magnus Panel product line. Users of Magnus Panel can enjoy the same low-code design approach offered by ADE.

Support MicroPython: MicroPython is included in this ADE release beyond ADE’s original support of a visual programming language, Blockly. Advanced users can use MicroPython to control the widgets, I/O, as well as communication interfaces. Users’ own applications can communicate with our HMI application via RPC (Remote Procedure Call). RPC can minimize the change on users’ original applications. Support MicroPython makes our Magnus Panel a good companion for developing advanced HMI projects.

Graphic Meter Library: This brand new widget library enables users to design sophisticated and compound circular meters. The library offers key ingredient widgets for designing circular meters in ADE.

The new version of ADE can be downloaded from Download - ADE - Immense Oak Technologies.

ADE is a free HMI development software that works with IOT’s Ubique Panel and Magnus Panel product lines for delivering HMIs with fascinating visual effects. For more product information, please visit our product sites:

Uqbiue Panel: Product - Ubique Panel - Immense Oak Technologies

Magnus Panel: Product - Magnus Panel - Immense Oak Technologies

Please contact our local distributors or [email protected] for product inquiries.

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